Our research at the Laboratory of Data Science and Complexity for Society (CDCS Lab) focuses on applying data science to a wide range of problems, from information diffusion on social media to epidemics modeling, up to mobility patterns.

Our approach stresses the combination of network science and complex systems to build up mathematical models of complex dynamics and to understand massive critical phenomena.


Social Media and Echo Chambers: A comparative analysis (appeared in PNAS)
We explore the key differences between the main social media platforms and how they are likely to influence information spreading and the formation of echo chambers. To assess the different dynamics, we perform a comparative analysis on more than 100M pieces of content concerning controversial topics (e.g., gun control, vaccination, abortion) from Gab, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. The analysis focuses on two main dimensions:i) homophily in the interaction networks, and ii) bias in the information diffusion toward like-minded peers. Our results show that the aggregation in homophilic clusters of users dominates online dynamics. However, a direct comparison of news consumption on Facebook and Reddit shows higher segregation on Facebook.

Team (Academic Children)


Matteo Cinelli, Researcher- Data-Driven Modeling of Social Dynamics - Sapienza Carlo Valensise, PostDoc - Information Spreading and Memes Evolution - Centro FermiAlessandro Galeazzi, PostDoc - Data-Driven Modeling of Social Dynamics - Ca'FoscariGabriele Etta, Ph.D Candidate - Data-Driven Modeling of Social Dynamics - Sapienza
Niccolò Di Marco
, Ph. D. - Data-Driven Modeling of Social Dyanmics - Università di Firenze
Michele Avalle, PostDoc - Data-Driven Modeling of Social Dynamics - Sapienza
Lorenzo Alvisi, PreDoc - Data-Driven Modeling of Social Dynamics - Sapienza
Anita Bonetti, PreDoc - Meme Dynamics - Sapienza
Emanuele San
giorgio, Master Thesis - Collective Memory in Online Dynamics - Sapienza
Shayan Alipour, Master Thesis- The Interplay between meme and news - Sapienza


Emanuele Brugnoli, PostDoc - Information Spreading PatternsAntonio Peruzzi, Ph.D - Economic Impact of NewsAna Lucia Schmidt. (Supervisor) News spreading on a global scale, IMT LuccaAlessandro Bessi. (Supervisor) Quantitative understanding of online misinformation, IUSS Pavia.Michela Del Vicario. (Supervisor) Data driven modeling of social contagion, IMT LuccaFabiana Zollo. (Supervisor) Sensing social dynamics in the misinformation era, IMT Lucca